Chi State ~ 
California State Organization
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
Vision: Leading women educators 
impacting education worldwide.
Mission Statement: The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.
The LIFE Foundation

The Chi State Learning Is For Everyone Foundation

Mission: LIFE promotes and supports special projects related to learning and literacy within the State of California.

What is the LIFE Foundation?

The LIFE Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized in the State of California. The Foundation has been approved by the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.

What are the purposes?

  • To promote and support special projects related to learning and literacy within the State of California.
  • To provide tax-exempt status to qualifying projects to assist fund raising.
  • To provide tax-deductible status for contributors.

LIFE Board Nomination: Due November 1st of each year

Board of Directors Nomination Form Word or pdf

Helene Going Green: Due March 1 of each year
Application Word or fill-able pdf 

Pictured Top Row: Lisa Jipson, Dixie Karlson, Dorothy Anderson
Pictured Bottom Row: Suzan Reiner, Jeanine Henderson-Hodge, Adele Bloom, Kathleen Ellis 
Not Pictured: Sondra Stuerman-Eilers

The Chi State LIFE Foundation Board of Directors

Kathleen Ellis, 2011-2014, President

Jeanine Henderson-Hodges, 2011-2014, Secretary

Sondra Stuerman-Eilers, 2010-2013, Co-Treasurers 

Dixie Karlson, 2013-2016, Co-Treasurers

Dorothy Anderson, 2013-2016, Member

Adele Bloom, 2012-2015, Member

Lisa Jipson, 2012-2015, Member

Suzan Reiner, 2011-2014, Member